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  • Top sights

    1. Fish 'n Fins
    2. Coffee Berry
    3. Drop-off
    4. Mog Mog
    5. Tori Tori
  • The best restaurants

    1. Mog Mog
    2. Tori Tori
    3. Carp Island Restaurant
    4. Rock Island Cafe
    5. The Taj
  • Popular shopping locations

    1. Palau Ocean Divers
    2. PayLess Market
    3. WCTC Ben Franklin Department Store
    4. Suragel & Sons
    5. Blue Marlin

City descritpion

About 120 kilometers to the south-west of London, Southampton is a major gateway to the British capital. The metropolis at the river Thames attracts millions of visitors each year with sights such as Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and numerous cultural and culinary highlights.

Since the beginning of Transatlantic journeys, Southampton has developed into one of the most important passenger ports of Europe. Outside the port area, the West Quay shopping center and several museums are worth a visit.

London: Buckingham Palace
Since the beginning of the 18th century, the Buckingham Palace is in the possession of the Royal Family who use it as an official residence until today. The palace has more than 700 rooms and is surrounded by 40 hectares of garden. The changing of the guard which takes place each day at noon counts among the most popular attractions.

London: Big Ben
The most famous timepiece of the world resides in the clock tower at the eastern end of the Houses of Parliament.

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