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UPDATE Current corona guidelines on board  - As of 13.10.2021


Please note our current vaccination guidelines for cruises departing by 17 April 2022 (Queen Mary 2) or 17 May 2022 (Queen Elizabeth):

Vaccination Policy:
All guests (of all ages) must be fully vaccinated to participate in voyages between 13 October 2021 to 17 April 2022 inclusive of Queen Mary 2 and 17 May 2022 for voyages on Queen Elizabeth. A person is considered "fully vaccinated" if they have received a vaccination at least 14 days prior to travel.  This can be either two doses of the currently licensed Covid-19 vaccines Moderna, Oxford/AstraZeneca, BioNTech/Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson/Janssen (subject to change) or the licensed Covid-19 single vaccine from Johnson/Janssen. Please note that a single dose of any other vaccine is not considered "fully vaccinated".

Vaccination requirements do not currently apply to sailings beyond the sailing dates listed above, nor to the Queen Victoria, which will return to service on 22 April 2022. Subject to change.

Customers being recovered from Covid-19:
To be classed as fully vaccinated, persons who have recovered from Covid-19 must have received two vaccinations of a vaccine that requires two doses. A convalescent certificate combined with only one dose of a two-dose vaccine will not be accepted on board.

Valid proof of vaccination:
All guests must present proof of their vaccination status at the terminal before boarding, which will also be checked against their photo ID. This proof can be either printed or digital (a screenshot is sufficient) and must be an official certificate of vaccination status issued by your local health authority. Please note that the yellow vaccination certificate is not accepted as proof of your vaccination status. If you do not provide full proof of vaccination by means of the "EU Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate", you will be refused embarkation at your own expense.

Guests embarking our ships in a port outside their home country, it is their responsibility to ensure that they meet all entry requirements for that country at the time of departure. Cunard cannot accept responsibility in the event of refused entry due to failure to comply with entry requirements.


A free Covid 19 test is required at the terminal prior to embarkation.
Although you are not required to be tested at the terminal prior to arrival, we recommend that you follow the government's advice and test yourself regularly at home. If you test positive within 14 days before departure, you will not be allowed to travel.

At various locations on our itineraries, further Covid 19 testing may be required. These tests can be purchased on board (at a cost of $25 per antigen test per person and $35 per PCR test per person). Entry tests are not currently required at most ports of call we will be visiting this year. However, local regulations may apply at destinations. Our guests are responsible for meeting the entry requirements of their destination. However, we are happy to assist with any tests as well as required documents on board.


On re-entry to the UK, all guests and crew must complete the Passenger Locator Form (PLF). This can be submitted up to 21 days before disembarkation.

Please see our current vaccination policy for cruises departing September 25, 2021 through the end of 2021:

Following continued guest feedback, Cunard has revised its vaccination policy. For all cruises departing September 25 through December 31, 2021, all guests 18 years of age and older must have completed their vaccination at least 14 days prior to departure. All guests 17 years and younger must have their vaccination completed at least 14 days prior to travel or require a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to travel.  All guests will also need a negative COVID-19 test at the terminal. PCR and COVID-19 testing at the terminal is offered free of charge. Vaccination and testing policies will be reviewed periodically as the global situation evolves. 

Important notices

Munich, 16.06.2021

Dear Guests,

due to the ongoing complexity of planning international travel, the following Cunard voyages are cancelled:

- Queen Elizabeth's cruises from the UK to Australia and her winter season in Australia from 18.10.2021 to 09.03.2022 included.
- The 2022 World Cruises on board the Queen Mary 2 (03.01. - 24.04.2022) and the Queen Victoria (08.01. - 01.05.2022).
- All scheduled voyages of the Queen Victoria with embarkation between 10.09.2021 and 29.04.2022. 
However, the five following voyages originally scheduled for Queen Victoria will be transferred to and operated on her sister ship, Queen Elizabeth:
o V126 - 01.11. - 15.11.2021: Canary Islands - Portugal
o V128 - 27.11. - 01.12.2021: Belgium - Netherlands
o V129 - 01.12. - 13.12.2021: Canary Islands - Portugal
o V130 - 13.12. - 23.12.2021: Spain - Portugal
o V201 - 23.12.2021 - 06.01.2022: Christmas & New Year Trip Canary Islands

All affected guests or their travel agents will be contacted individually with all information and details regarding cancellations and rebookings.
Please understand that there may be delays due to the current very high workload.

New voyages for the three Cunard Queens 2021/2022

Vaccinated travellers resident in the UK will be able to set sail on the Queen Elizabeth for voyages around the UK as early as 19 July 2021. 
From 13 October 2021, the ship will then set sail again for international cruises for the first time, welcoming guests from countries other than the UK on board. 
They will then be able to travel on several voyages from Southampton to the Iberian coast as well as to the Canary Islands. 
In mid-February 2022, Queen Elizabeth will begin her voyage to Japan, where she will start her season as planned from 13 April 2022.


As the first voyage after her break in service, the Queen Mary 2 will embark on her favourite route, a Transatlantic Passage, from Southampton on 14 November 2021 as planned. 
At the beginning of 2022, however, she will not be sailing around the world - as is traditionally the case at the beginning of each year - but will instead be heading straight for the sun: 
Between January and April 2022, she will undertake a series of voyages to the Caribbean. Guests can choose whether to board in Hamburg, Southampton or New York. 
From 24 April 2022, the Queen Mary 2 will then sail again according to the existing schedule.


At the end of April 2022, it's finally time for the Queen Victoria to cast off again: on three new voyages she will sail from Southampton to Western Europe, the Baltic States and the Iberian Coast. 
From 20 May 2022, she will resume her previously published routing.

The new voyages will be bookable from July 2021, and we will of course remind you in time.

Thank you for your continued support!
Your Cunard Line Team

Munich, 11.03.2021

Dear Guests,
due to continuing international travel restrictions, Cunard Line has made the difficult decision to extend the stop of operations and cancel the following voyages:

Queen Victoria up to and including 08.27.202
Queen Elizabeth up to and including 11.10.2021
Queen Mary 2 up to and including 12.11.2021

As you may know, the UK government recently confirmed that cruises will initially be released as part of inland vacations.
As a result, Cunard will be launching a series of shorter voyages. These will be sailings from Southampton for UK residents around the UK.
Cunard Line is optimistic that it will be able to gradually return to international cruises again over time.

All affected guests or their travel agents will be contacted individually by us with all information and details regarding cancellations and rebooking.

Please understand that due to the currently very high workload, delays may occur.

We thank you very much for your support and loyalty

Your team from Cunard


Munich, 03.02.2021

Dear guests, 

The world is still suffering from the corona pandemic. Australia just announced that also for 2021 foreign tourists will most likely not be allowed to entry the country. Due to this situation we, the Inter-Connect GmbH, have decided to suspend all booking options for this destination until the end of December 2021. We appologize for the inconvenience. However, already existing bookings will remain valid. Should there be any changes regarding the political course of the Australian government, we will be happy to re-open the destination for sale.


Thank you for your understanding and stay well!
Your Cunard Team

Extension the pause in operation

Munich, 09.12.2020

Dear guests,

due to the continuing travel restrictions around the world, Cunard Line is extending the suspension of operations as follows

Queen Mary 2: All departures until 28.05.2021

Queen Elizabeth: All departures until 04.06.2021

Pause of the Queen Victoria remains unchanged (all departures until 16.05.2021).

Cunard Line President Simon Palethorpe:
"Our extension of the operational pause is the result of the continuing restrictions on cruises in the UK and around the world and takes into account the considerable lead time required to resume operations as soon as possible.We deeply regret the disappointment this will cause. We know how much effort goes into planning a vacation and apologize that our guests will now have to wait a little longer to travel with Cunard again".

All affected guests or their travel agents will be contacted individually by us with all information and details regarding cancellations and rebooking.

Please understand that due to the currently very high workload, delays may occur.

We kindly ask you to note our business hours.

We thank you very much for your support and loyalty

Your team from Cunard


Extension the pause in operation and new voyages

Munich, August 26, 2020

Dear guests,

In view of the current recommendations of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the great complexity of worldwide cruise operations during the Covid-19 pandemic, the well-established cruise line Cunard extends its operations beyond November 2020 as follows

Queen Elizabeth until 25 March 2021

Queen Mary 2 until April 18, 2021

Queen Victoria up to and including 16 May 2021

Cunard's President Simon Palethorpe said: "We are very sorry for all the guests who wanted to take one of the cancelled trips, and we can imagine that this news will disappoint them very much. After very careful consideration and review of the latest guidelines, we simply do not feel it makes sense to return to cruise operations with our current planned timetable, so we have decided to extend the break in operations and revise future timetables".

Queen Elizabeth will have the following new itineraries in 2021:

Simon Palethorpe adds: "Queen Elizabeth has returned to the UK and, given the continuing uncertainty surrounding the opening of many ports and countries, her routes originally planned for 2021 are unfortunately no longer viable in this form. Therefore, we must cancel all Australian, Japanese and Alaskan voyages departing between March 26 and December 13, 2021. They will be replaced by a series of shorter trips in Europe lasting three to 14 nights and departing from Southampton. The new itinerary will begin in late March 2021, with several scenic routes around the Cornish coast, the west coast of Ireland and the Scottish Islands. There will also be short trips to Amsterdam, including overnight stays in port, as well as trips to northern and southern European destinations, including Norway and the Iberian coast, and further overnight stays in various ports. Queen Elizabeth's new itineraries will be completed with several 7- and 14-night voyages from Barcelona to the Mediterranean. It is an exciting new itinerary that I am sure will be very well received by our guests".

Queen Elizabeth's new 2021 voyages will be available from 29 September 2020.

Changes on Queen Mary 2:

In addition, there are also partially adapted routings for Queen Mary 2, which Simon Palethorpe explains: "As a small compensation for this year's world tour of the Queen Mary 2, which had to be cancelled prematurely, as well as for the cancelled world tour 2021, we are very pleased to announce that our Queen Mary 2 will finally be setting off again on a trip on the classic world tour route in spring 2022. The round-the-world cruise will replace all of the Queen Mary 2's originally planned voyages with departures between January 3 and April 3, 2022, including the Great World Expedition South America". The 105-day adventure begins on January 10, 2022 in Southampton and includes stops in Greece, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Australia and Bali. After further stops in Abu Dhabi, Oman, Italy and Portugal, the Queen Mary 2 returns to Southampton on April 24, 2022. Both the outward and the return journey pass through the Suez Canal.

It is bookable from September 8, 2020.

All affected guests or their travel agents will be contacted individually by us with all information and details regarding cancellations and rebooking.

Please understand that due to the currently very high workload, delays may occur.

We kindly ask you to note our business hours.

We thank you very much for your support and loyalty

Your team from Cunard

Cunard extends the pause in operation until November 2020

Munich, 09.06.2020

Dear guests,

Luxury cruise line Cunard, announced today that, as a result of the continued impact of Covid-19, it will be extending the pause in operations.  

For its ships Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria, Cunard is cancelling all sailings that were due to depart up to and including 1 November, 2020 and for Queen Elizabeth, departures up to and including the 23 November, 2020.

Cunard President, Simon Palethorpe, said, “With many differing restrictions across countries, people’s ability to move freely and safely across borders remains seemingly someway in the distance. For Cunard, where we celebrate having a truly international mix of guests and sail all over the world, this becomes particularly impactful. We also need to better understand the implications Covid-19 will have on board our ships. We are therefore working, at the highest level possible, with government bodies, including the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - the CDC - and Public Health England, as well as the industry collective body – CLIA - and other expert medical professionals to review every aspect of a holiday with us.”

He added: “Whilst we have always taken pride in having the highest levels of health and safety we are looking at enhanced protocols across all aspects of ship life and experiences on shore. We will only return to service when we have a comprehensive restart protocol with the stamps of approval and accreditation from the most trusted and informed sources.”

All affected guests or their travel agents will be contacted individually by us with all information and details regarding cancellations and rebooking.

Please understand that due to the currently very high workload, delays may occur.

We kindly ask you to note our business hours.

We thank you very much for your support and loyalty

Your team from Cunard

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