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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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  • Top sights

    1. Cartier
    2. La Mer (لا مير)
    3. VOX Rooftop Cinema
    4. The Walk at JBR (الممشى في الجي بي آر)
    5. The Dubai Mall (دبي مول)
  • The best restaurants

    1. Club Vista Mare
    2. Al Safadi
    3. Cafe Rider Custom Motorcycles
    4. Texas De Brazil
    5. PF Chang's (بي إف تشانغز)
  • Popular shopping locations

    1. Mirzam Chocolate
    2. Bath & Body Works باث أند بادي ووركس
    3. Mall of the Emirates (مول الإمارات)
    4. Apple Mall of the Emirates (متجر آبل)
    5. Go Sport

City descritpion

Dubai is the economical center of the Near East, but not only business travellers appreciate the amenities of the western-orientated Emirate. The high standard of living, the climatic conditions and the extensive leisure time facilities attract more and more visitors to the Persian Gulf.

Beaches stretching for miles along the crystal-clear sea, exclusive hotels and first-class restaurants offer everything you need to spend unforgettable holidays. The most famous attractions include excursions to the desert, fishing tours, diving adventures and duty-free shopping. The hustle and bustle at Dubai Creek and the camel market Al-Ain offer an insight into the life off the tourist track.

Al-Khor, Dubai Creek
Despite competition from modern ports, the transport with traditional Dhaus has not lost its importance. Around the clock, hundreds of these wooden boats are loaded at the banks of Dubai Creek.

Camel market Al-Ain
At the camel market, dromedaries are offered as well as cattle, goats, sheep and poultry. Especially during the weekend (Thursday and Friday), countless farm animals change hands for huge amounts of money.

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